About Viva

A leading plastic packaging manufacturer since 1973.

The Company

Viva Packaging Europe is a subsidiary of the Viva Group, a leading manufacturer of plastic products and personal protective equipment with its headquarters in Hong Kong and with several manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and Asia.

Viva Packaging Europe was established in 2000 in Antwerp, Belgium and the production facility in Warsaw, Poland where we started manufacturing the first products in 2005.

We focus primarily on the production and wholesale of media packaging and packaging solutions for the cosmetics, beauty and healthcare industry.

The Injection Molding Process

All our packaging products are manufactured with custom-made and top notch injection molding machines.

The manufacturing of our tubes is a patented process during which a printed in-mold label gets inserted in a cavity and which is then filled with a hot polypropylene resin blend that fuses together with the label. The result is a high quality tube with a label that offers a 360° decoration and covers the tube from shoulder to crimp.

The In-Mold Label

The in-mold label (IML) that we apply consists of the same material as the tube and positively contributes to the recycling of our mono-material packaging. Moreover, an in-mold label also gives you many graphic advantages in terms of resolution, artwork details, colours & finishes.

Our Vision

To be a complete and innovative player that offers sustainable and value-added packaging solutions that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

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