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Recyclass approves Viva IML Tube

Recyclass approves Viva IML Tube

We are very excited that Recyclass has tested and approved Viva’s IML Tube solution. Results of independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the polypropylene (PP) based technology ‘IML tube’ developed by Viva Packaging is compatible with the rigid PP recycling stream. The decorated, PP-based tube is designed with a BOPP In-Mould label (IML), with a combination […]

Circpack Recycling Test

Circpack Recycling Test sorting plant

Household packaging goes through several sorting stages in a recycling facility to make sure the post-consumer waste ends up in the right waste stream. The sorted material will then be reprocessed into post-consumer recyclate which can be used for making new packaging again. Circpack tested our PCR PP IML Tube both dynamically and statically to […]