Designed for Recycling

The path forward for Brands and Private Label Manufacturers that are looking for more environmentally conscious packaging solutions.


As a company and as a producer of plastic packaging, we need to assume the responsibility of lowering our ecological footprint and enhance the circular economy.

In order to succeed in our mission, we are committed to find new ways to improve our production processes, save energy, expand our vertical integration strategy, increase our internal recycling, increase the recycled content in our packaging and create sustainable innovative packaging products for the future.


Our tubes, caps, shoulders and in-mold labels are made out of one and the same material – Polypropylene. Contrary to packaging with mixed materials, mono-material solutions help the recycling process and do not contaminate the recyclate which is re-used for making PP packaging.

With mono-material packaging we help to circulate the plastic in our economy and not in the environment.

100% Recyclable

Our PP mono-material tubes and packaging solutions are 100% mechanically recyclable. There is no need to dismantle them and they are easily sorted with the rest of the PP material during the recycling process. Mixed material packaging products on the other hand are not easy to sort and often end up on the landfill or get incinerated.

PP recyclable packaging carries the symbol ♷

High PCR content

On top of our mono-material advantage we have the means today of adding high amounts of post-consumer recycled content to our packaging products with the same quality standards, mechanical properties & moisture resistance as a product composed out of virgin material.

LCA (Life Cycle Analysis)

We carried out an LCA to evaluate the environmental impact of our IML Tube through its life cycle encompassing extraction and processing of the raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, recycling, and final disposal.

Viva’s cradle-to-gate analysis shows that PP is among the lightest thermoplastic polymers. With our injection molded production process we could save 25-35% of energy and up to 70% of water of consumption compared with other forms of tube manufacturing. In addition, also our mono-material design and vertical integration strategy reduce our environmental impact.

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